Thursday, December 10, 2015

Naked Salad at Grill City - Irvine

Filipinos might recognize the dish Grill City offers at its steam tables as lumpiang hubad. For the non-pinoys who might wander in, Grill City has named it "Naked Salad", which is kind of like calling a burger "chopped steak"--true, but not always accurate.

Lumpiang hubad, or, in this case, "Naked Salad", is actually the unwrapped version of lumpiang sariwa, which, if you've ever attended a catered Filipino party, are the things your host might call "fresh spring rolls"--delicate burritos filled with veggies swaddled inside an unfried egg roll wrapper. They're usually eaten with lettuce and doused in a sweet and punchy garlic sauce.

The contents are simple: lots of chopped cabbage, carrots, green beans, garbanzos and tofu, all of it cooked together just until the vegetables are crisp-tender. Grill City offers its version of lumpiang hubad as a turo-turo and packs the sauce (which tastes like a garlic-enhanced sweet and sour sauce) in a separate container.

Whatever it's called, Grill City's is a bargain because for about $3.50, the guy behind the counter will pile on enough in that container for two meals. I use it as a quick veggie side dish to whatever I've got leftover at home. It even goes well with a fried egg and some rice--the quickest way to a nutritious dinner that includes a salad that's not exactly a salad.

Grill City inside Seafood City
2180 Barranca Pkwy
Irvine, CA 92606
(310) 834-9700

Spencer's Bistro - Buena Park


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