Friday, December 18, 2015

Turon at Valerio's - Irvine

No, those aren't egg rolls; they're turon. What's a turon? Well, it's an egg roll. Filled with banana. And sometimes jackfruit. But for sure, banana.

I have an unresearched and yet unproven theory that all equatorial countries in Asia have a version of a fried banana dessert. This one is the Philippines'. And as I've said in a previous post about the subject, Valerio's does a very good version--even accounting for variations between branches.

I've had the turon at the Valerio's inside Seafood City in Irvine on many occasions. Though the banana inside can vary in sweetness, one thing about it is constant: its crunch. And it's not just because it's deep fried like all egg rolls; it's because it's also covered in a glassy cocoon of caramelized sugar not unlike on a creme brulee.

It's this finishing touch that hermetically seals the egg roll as though it was locked in amber, preserving the texture and ensuring that the crunch from every bite will rattle your bones.

And if you come to Valerio's near closing time, the cashier might just give you a few extra for free. Normally, they're 50-cents a piece.

Valerie's inside Seafood City
2180 Barranca Pkwy
Irvine, CA 92606

MIZUiro - Rancho Santa Margarita


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