Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Baja Fish Taco's Salsa Bar - Santa Ana

To me, Baja Fish Tacos isn't about the fish tacos; it's all about that salsa bar, especially the pico de gallo, which is free for the taking for anyone who eats there. But the reason I ALWAYS spring a few bucks for the chips is that they provide an extra big bowl for the salsa so that I don't have to make multiple return trips.

Years ago, in leaner times, I would go to Baja Fish Tacos, buy a bowl of their rice and beans and then go loco at the salsa bar. I'd pile the pico de gallo so high, what I end up with looked like a monument made of chopped tomatoes. But I can tell you now, that lunch was as satisfying as anything with meat and cheese. Who needs carne asada when all the flavor and freshness comes from the salsa anyway?

Even now, after I finish a meal there, I always bring a little bit of extra pico de gallo home to make the next morning's eggs extra delicioso!

Baja Fish Tacos
3664 South Bristol St.
Santa Ana, CA 92704

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