Friday, June 17, 2022

A Bad Meal at Thai Nakorn - Garden Grove

I grew up going to Thai Nakorn at its original Buena Park location. In the 18 years I patronized their “new” Garden Grove store, I proselytized its greatness on multiple Best Of Issues for OC Weekly and countless posts on my own blog. I celebrated milestones there. Before the pandemic I brought friends, relatives, food people I met online to experience it for themselves. During the pandemic, I ordered takeout and ate the food in my parked car while it was still hot. I have never had a bad meal at Thai Nakorn. 
…until tonight. 

The “crispy pork belly” in the stir-fried watercress was so chewy and stale, it was literally leather.

The pomfret had not been salted after being fried and the dipping sauce tasted like it was concocted from Sriracha and Frank’s Red Hot—-too sour and harsh for the delicate flesh of the fish.

The nam sod didn’t have its usual lime juice zing or depth of flavor. The ginger and onions were cut too thick. Worse, the ground pork stank. It had the same off-putting fetid odor that makes you pinch your nose at the butcher.

If I had been served any of this food at any other Thai joint, I wouldn’t have been so disappointed.

It’s always the ones you love most that let you down the hardest.

Thai Nakorn
12532 W Garden Grove Blvd
Garden Grove, CA 92843


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