Sunday, June 19, 2022

A Dim Sum Poem on Seafood Cove 2

‘Twas the Day for the Fathers and all through Lil’ Saigon,
Everyone had the same idea: “Let’s take out Dad”, said Daughter, said Son.

Who cares if there's a ninety minute wait and the parking lot’s a mess.
Let’s get OC’s best dim sum for pops; he deserved nothing less.

So from all corners of Orange County they drove.
Braving traffic and congestion to a place called Seafood Cove.

The wait is undoubtedly long but the service is brisk.
The staff still wore masks, hopefully lowering the Covid risk.

There’s no paper menu anymore, just a QR Code for some items, the rest on carts.
The new system confusing to both the Millennials and the old farts.

The prices are now close to 5 dollars for the ”A” items, 6 for the “B”.
And it’ll cost you 8 bucks if you want the Chinese broccoli.

But everything’s delicious: dumplings, wontons and BBQ pork buns of every type.
Not to mention the slippery and gingery beef tripe.

The quality here is as it always was, just a smidge better than the others.
And everyone there today was happy, but especially the fathers.

Seafood Cove 2
9211 Bolsa Ave
Westminster, CA 92683


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