Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Bun at Ha Long - Irvine

It’s 101 degrees right now—too hot for pho.

Enter bun: The Vietnamese dish designed to beat muggy weather.

It’s basically a salad. A noodle salad.

Wiggly cool rice noodles topped with grill-charred pork and shrimp. Crispy egg rolls. Fresh herbs, bean sprouts, cucumbers, pickled carrots and daikon. And a fish-sauce dressing that ties it all together.

I ordered this refreshing supper a few weeks ago from Ha Long, a Vietnamese take-out joint located in an Irvine Company shopping center. I ate it next to a soothing fountain.

An appetizer of crispy tofu preceded it and their famous Black Sea drink finished it.

I have a mind to order it again today…but I think I’ll take it home to an air-conditioned room this time. Bun is cooling, but not THAT cooling!


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