Monday, October 13, 2003

Honda-ya - Tustin

I just came back from Honda-Ya...and MAN! I LOVE THIS PLACE! It is owned by operated by the folks of Kappo Honda, and is just as good if not better (actually I think it is pre-cursor of Kappo Honda).

We had:

1. 2 sticks of bacon wrapped okra
2. 2 sticks of bacon wrapped asparagus
3. 2 sticks of quail eggs
4. 2 orders of vegetables with miso dip
5. Fried soft shell crab
6. Homemade crab dumplings
7. Fried sesame chicken (Karaage)
8. BBQ korean short ribs (Kalbi)
9. Spinach Garlic
10. Sauteed Scallop in Garlic Butter
11. Dish of green tea ice cream

Each dish was magnificent. The portions were just enough to savor each distinct flavor of the main ingredient.

The service was attentive and respectful.

The atmosphere was quaint and casual. We sat on traditional Japanese mat.

Total for my companion and I: $55.50 (tip included)

My favorite Japanese place. Period.