Monday, June 28, 2004

Chowking - Cerritos

I recently had a good, traditional Filipino breakfast at Chowking (a new Filipino/Chinese chain) in Cerritos. The restaurant is clean and bright, and has a corporate chain feel to it, but the food is good, the Filipino breakfasts is my favorite.

Their breakfast specials consists of garlic fried rice, a fried egg, sliced tomato and cucumber and your choice of tocino, longanisa sausage, fried luncheon meat, boneless marinated fried bangus fish or corned beef hash. The price is $3.99 (or was it $2.99)? In any case, a pretty great deal for a filling breakfast. We had some taho (soft tofu and tapioca with steamy brown sugar syrup) to finish off our meal.

They stop serving breakfast at 10:00 am and for the rest of the day, they offer such menu items as crispy fried chicken, wonton noodle soup, siopao and fried noodles. These other items are good, but have a fast food quality to them - the siopao, in particular, are probably made off site in a central corporate kitchen somewhere.

They are located next to a Subway, on South Street.

The address, I think is:

11900 South St
Cerritos, CA