Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Boba Smoothie - Costa Mesa

I wanted something to drink on Saturday and we were in the Costa Mesa area. We also were a little bit hungry, so we decided on Boba Smoothie and tried the lunch special. We tried the Meatball Spaghetti and the Turkey Croissant. Both came with a drink, I opted for a Honeydew Smoothie while my girlfriend went for the Strawberry Smoothie.

Both the Meatball Spaghetti and the Turkey Croissant exceeded my expectations for food served at a boba shop.

First the Turkey Croissant. It was served with a choice of fruit salad or french fries. We chose the fruit salad. It consisted of chunked, chilled fruits, such as pineapple, apple, honeydew, banana and strawberry in a dressing of, check this out, peach yogurt! I expected mayo, but was pleasantly surprised when I saw that it was cool creamy yogurt. Definitely refreshing. Now the Croissant. It had a fried egg, melted cheese and some processed turkey cold cuts. Normal ingredients, but together with the warm flaky croissant, it made for a satisfying sandwich.

The Meatball Spaghetti was also quite surprising. The portion was served on a nice big plate. Quite a hefty portion too. The meatballs were really tasty, with a little bit of an herby flavor. They reminded me of IKEA meatballs, but with a better texture and flavor. The noodles were a bit limp, not al dente, but I didn't mind. Come on, this is a boba shop. The sauce was also quite good, a little bit sweetish, and contained bits of fried egg. I really enjoyed it.

Maybe I had my expectations low about boba shop food, especially one that isn't evidently run by Asians, which could explain why I was so surprised at how much I liked the food.

BTW, the Honeydew Smoothie was excellent. Real honeydew flavor and not too sweet. The Strawberry Smoothie was also good. Better than Jamba Juice can ever produce.

The meals which includes a drink costs $7.00.

Boba Smoothie
1460 Baker St. Suite D
Costa Mesa, CA


At 2:27 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

i've been reading your stuff and i like what you are doing here. just to give you a heads up there is an excellent boba shop you must try.

it's called Tastea and it has two locations. check it out on


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