Sunday, June 26, 2022

BCD Tofu House - Garden Grove

You are mistaken if you think no one would want to eat steaming pots of soft tofu soups on a hot summer day like today. 

But that’s just how beloved the BCD Tofu House chain is. It commands a waitlist regardless of the temperature outside. 


Well, for the $14.99 you pay for your tofu soup, you also get an array of side dishes that are refilled by ladies in roving carts as often as you want. So in effect, this is the cheapest all-you-can-eat restaurant in existence.

But unlike a buffet, you can ask for to-go boxes for anything you can’t finish. That fact and also because the servers are attentive, friendly, and voluntarily perform tasks you wouldn’t usually expect servers would do (like handling superheated stone pots and scooping out rice tableside), BCD would probably compel an Eskimo to buy snow cones from them if they sold it.

BCD Tofu House
9520 Garden Grove Blvd #9
Garden Grove, CA 92844


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