Monday, April 01, 2013

Goldilocks - Las Vegas

If you like Filipino food and happen to find yourself in Vegas, get thee off the strip and locate Goldilocks on your Google Maps app, stat! You won't regret it. Filipino food, which is surprisingly plentiful in Sin City, is still unappreciated by non-Pinoys even in this increasingly metropolitan town in the middle of the desert; but this, from what I can tell, is where the local Filipinos go when they want a good, bountiful pot of sinigang, thick kare kare, and binagoongan fried rice.

You might be dismissing my recommendation right about now, thinking that you've been to the Cerritos Goldilocks and that it wasn't "all that" compared to Magic Wok. But the Vegas Goldilocks operate their kitchens their own way, answering to no one but their own high standards. It may be in the same Goldilocks family, but the cooking here is as different from the Cerritos branch as your mom's compared to your aunt's.

We ordered a bowl of sinigang and it was one of the finest I've sipped in a long time, with mustard greens, actual pork spare ribs, and pieces of okra that slowly thickened the broth. And as always when we go to this Goldilocks, we ordered the ukoy, a fried nest of shredded yams, zucchini and carrots rendered crispy and greaseless with a whole shrimp stuck to it and a sour-sweet-soy dipping sauce you use to douse.

Don't even try to find ukoy on the menu at the Cerritos Goldilocks...they don't have it, because (say it with me) what happens in the Vegas Goldilocks, stays in the Vegas Goldilocks...

Goldilocks Bake Shop & Restaurant
2797 S Maryland Parkway
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 368-2253

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