Sunday, January 10, 2016

O' My Buns - Rowland Heights

If you've never had an O' My Buns bun I don't know if anything I write here will adequately describe it to you. But I'll try.

Think of the sweetness and fluffiness of Filipino pan del sal or maybe a French brioche. Then think of the Mexican pan dulce called concha with its corrugated sugary shell baked onto its crust. Now think of a bread with the properties of all of the above, but also imbued with a coffee flavor and a hollow pocket in the middle, where a single pat of butter was tucked.

These buns--let me tell you--are addictive, especially when they're warm and you're the kind of person who likes the aroma of coffee but not the bitterness. And the only place you can get them right now in our area is inside a Tutti Frutti frozen yogurt store in Rowland Heights.

They have a few flavors on offer, including some with fillings such as cream cheese. But all are essentially born from the same mother dough, risen into domes and swirled on top with a coffee-flavored cream before they're baked.

The first U.S. O' My Buns outlet opened at a Tutti Frutti in Yorba Linda five years ago (and there's an awkward promo video to prove it), but that one fizzled--probably because it was in a non-Asian neighborhood that still favors donuts over these coffee-flavored-butter-pocketed-pan-del-sal-meets-a-pan-dulce things.

O' My Buns at Tutti Frutti
17861 Colima Rd.
Rowland Heights, CA 91748

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