Saturday, June 09, 2018

My Thoughts on Anthony Bourdain

I thought he was invincible--not a man, but a god out of Mount Olympus.

I idolized him. I have his books. I have VHS tapes of all the A Cook's Tour episodes that I recorded when it first aired. In my blog, I've mentioned him more times than I have any other person.

When I go abroad or visit a new city, I try to go where he has gone, eat what he has eaten. When I'm writing and I'm lacking inspiration, I would read something he wrote, hoping just a little of his talent could rub off on me.

But no one could touch Bourdain. The way he crafted a sentence, described a dish, an experience, was unique unto him.

Unlike some of my food writing peers, I never met the man, but I don't think I needed to. His body of work has always lived in my head and will continue to influence and inspire me for as long as I live. He is Elvis Presley. He is Shakespeare. But what I've learned in the past day is that he is also human.

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