Friday, May 13, 2022

When a New Dish Appears at Cafe Hiro - Cypress

One of the sweetest things a Cafe Hiro server can say to you is, “We have a new dish tonight!” because it’s not often that Chef Ohiwa adds something to his repertoire of the tried-and-true. 

The truth is he’s retired more dishes over the years than he’s added. The poached wild salmon; the daily soups; the green tea blanc manger—all have disappeared, seemingly for good. 

So when he does introduce a new creation, you jump, no matter what it is. Tonight, it was octopus carpaccio, with onion, mango, yellow bell pepper, greens and a citrus vinaigrette. 

With a refreshing summery flavor profile and a satisfyingly meaty chew on the octopus, you hope it joins his scallop carpaccio in becoming a member of the permanent specials. It, too, started as a one-off experiment one night.

Cafe Hiro 
10509 Valley View St 
Cypress, CA 90630 
(714) 527-6090


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