Monday, April 08, 2013

The Viking Truck - Orange County

Yes, that is a Space Shuttle in the background. No, it's not a real Space Shuttle, but neither is the Viking ship parked in front of it. The Norse vessel is, in fact, the Viking Truck, a soldier itself in the army of luxe loncheras that has invaded Orange County the past couple of years. But the irony was too delicious for me not to snap a pic, and also, order a corn dog.

Years ago, when this food truck craze was just in its infancy, I wrote somewhere that I wished the Disneyland Corn Dog Truck (you know, the one at the end of Main Street) would break free of its moorings and do a victory lap around Orange County. It offered what’s not only the most affordable and the best thing to eat in the Magic Kingdom, but also the most wonderfule corn dogs this side of the OC Fair.

Well, that’s never going to happen. I’ve seen the Little Red Wagon move. It creeps along at a snail’s pace as if it were stuck on half a gear. And I’m pretty sure the DMV does not consider it street legal.

That’s where The Viking Truck comes in. It serves corn dogs, freshly dipped gigantic ones about the size as Disneyland's. I’ve not done a side-by-side comparison, but I like these just as much.

The batter isn’t as thick, nor are they lopsided and malformed like a petrified amoeba--one of the best qualities of a Disney corn dog--but it is more delicate, and slightly creamier also. The Viking Truck’s batter actually melts after you breach the outer crust. And the wiener beneath is thicker, a better tasting dog than I presume Disneyland now uses (they reportedly changed it to a “healthier” pork-and-chicken blend of some kind).

And there’s this fact: a picture of the Little Red Wagon with Tomorrowland in the background isn’t nearly as anachronistic.

The Viking Truck

LinX - Orange


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