Thursday, February 06, 2014

MOD Pizza - Irvine

When I tell you that MOD Pizza follows the Chipotle model, you know what I mean, right? It means that MOD is part of a new breed of pizza parlor where you choose the toppings behind a sneeze-guard-protected assembly line by pointing. Your pizza is then put together not unlike a Subway sandwich, slid into a oven to bake in scarcely minutes.

There are so many of these fast, quick-fired custom pizza shops now that it would only be surprising if I told you that MOD wasn’t one of them.

And if you've been to all the others, you already know what the pizzas taste like--which is to say, pretty darned good. What thing fresh out of an oven isn't good?

Not familiar with the concept? Haven't tried the what Pielogy, or Pizza Press, or 800 Degrees, or Blaze calls pizzas? Let me give you a crash course: the dough starts out raw, pressed down flat under a metal vice that looks as though it could be used to stamp sheet metal. Think of what would be the Venn diagram intersection of matzo, naan, and pita--that's where the consistency of the crust lies. It’s thin enough that it can be described as cracker-like, thick enough to have the integrity to hold up the toppings, and yes, it's ready in minutes...because when you want a pizza, you want it now.

I took one of the models that already had a lot of meat on it, discovered that it didn't have bacon, and then asked them to put bacon...because when all pizzas cost the same no matter how many toppings it has, you have to make sure one of them is bacon.

MOD Pizza
3965 Alton Pkwy Ste A
Irvine, CA 92604
(949) 265-7770

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These types of flat bread suffice when you are hungry and have limited options, but they aren't good. Try Ortica. Try Mozza. Try Il Dolce. That's pizza.

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That's exactly the right word!


Agreed. Love all those that you mention.


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