Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Avo - Newport Beach

I think I ate more red meat last week than I have my entire life. If I get gout, gain a few pounds, or need to be put on cholesterol meds, I have only myself to blame.

It's not that I like to eat steak that often. But steak happens to be expensive, and when you're rooting out the best Newport Restaurant Week deals, I had to order the steak to get the best bang for my buck.

Avo, the restaurant inside Fairmont in Newport Beach, had a particularly irresistible deal: a $30 3-course dinner that included the flawless 10-ounce flat iron you see above, which by itself would've cost $34. But with the shrimp cocktail app and dessert, the Restaurant Week price represented at least a 50% discount on the whole meal.

As great as it was, it was probably a steak dinner I didn't need to be eating. I probably also shouldn't have eaten the whole basket of the restaurant's cool version of curly fries. And I probably shouldn't have consumed all that bacon they showered the fries with.

The good news is Orange County Restaurant Week isn't for another few months. Until that time, I guess it'll be salad for me. Lots of salad.

Avo at the Fairmont
4500 MacArthur Blvd.
Newport Beach, CA 92660
(949) 476-2001

Saint Marc - Huntington Beach


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