Friday, November 17, 2017

The Holy Donut - Scarborough, Maine

I’ve never been too fond of donuts. If I had to rank all the breakfast pastry, donuts would place dead last. They’re too sweet, too greasy, and whenever I eat one, I’m immediately sorry I did.

I am aware, however, that everybody else and Homer Simpson, loves donuts. This was confirmed when a donut pic I posted on Instagram garnered more likes than the two previous posts combined. I know why it did. They were indeed some pretty photogenic donuts, made by The Holy Donut, a local chain in Maine that all the travel shows feature on their must-visit lists.

These donuts aren’t famous because they’re nice to look at though; they’re actually good, made with a unique recipe that involves mashed potato. What results is a donut that’s fluffy, moist, and somehow, not as greasy as those your local Cambodian mom-n-pop fries every morning.

If all donuts were like this, I’d like donuts more. But you know what’s even better than The Holy Donut’s donuts? Their bacon-and-cheese-stuffed savory donut, which isn’t so much like a donut but this Indonesian fried dough puff called bolang-baling I used to love as a kid.

So I guess I do like donuts if they’re the kind I like.

The Holy Donut
398 Rt 1
Scarborough, ME 04074
(207) 303-0137

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