Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Sweet XO - Huntington Beach

If Willy Wonka partnered with Mr. Magorium and Spencer from Spencer's Gifts, it would result in this store--a candy-palace, bakery, ice-cream-shop, froyo-dispensary, and novelty-merchandise-emporium, all under one roof. In stock here--along with the buckets of gummy worms, jelly beans, cupcakes, cookies and more teeth-rotting confections that guarantees the entire dental profession will be in business for years to come--are T-shirts and books that teach you obscene hand gestures from different cultures.

And for some reason, they also sell bath salts. Yes, bath salts, which look like candy, next to the candy. It’s as if the store intended to sell everything that's frivolous and associated with pleasure (short of the carnal and the alcoholic). Think of the stuff they stock near the cash register at your local grocer or that long aisle of junk food at Fry's. This store is that, amplified by a thousand--a boutique of things you would normally buy on impulse.

If you come, you're going to get some ice cream. And it's where most of the employees are, in the back. And boy, is there some kooky flavors on offer (banana flambe and Frosted Flakes). When you buy some, it’s measured by the ounce, like an illicit drug. Get a scoop and they give you these color-changing spoons that turn blue when it comes in contact with the ice cream and then back to normal when it's warmed by your mouth. It's not unlike those 60's mood rings, which, I don't doubt is for sale somewhere in one of the aisles.

7631 Edinger Ave., Ste 151
Huntington Beach, CA 92647
(714) 893-1854

Dutch Club AVIO - Anaheim


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