Monday, November 20, 2017

L’uxweet - Tustin

Several years ago, I proclaimed that the boba fad was as good as dead. I was wrong then. And I’d be wrong now if I said it now.

More than two decades since I tried it for the first time inside the Chinese enclaves of San Gabriel and Monterey Park, boba is still very much alive and thriving.

In fact, boba is everywhere these days. You can find it on maps of cities that never before registered a blip on the Asian diaspora. Boba is now even on my favorite show on TV.

In Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, the main characters don’t commiserate at a coffee house a la Central Perk; they go to a place called Cup of Boba. And in Tustin, a city that twenty years ago didn’t have a single boba shop, there are now at least five scattered around town.

The newest is a place called L’uxweet, which is aimed at an Asian audience despite being located in the part of town where very few Asian people live.

It serves boba drinks, such as a brown sugar milk tea in which you can add egg pudding along with tapioca pearls to make a concoction similar to what Half & Half does in Rowland Heights. But L’uxsweet also puts out a menu that has Taiwanese-style egg pancakes, baos, sub sandwiches and toasts stuffed with griddled meat and eggs.

My favorite non-boba item at the moment is a so-called cheesecake that’s so fluffy and eggy, it borders on soufflé. In fact, you may not even consider it a cheesecake if you’re judging it by the American definition. But I liked it. And when I bought it, it came in its own cute box with its own cute spoon, which, I admit, made me like it that much more.

So, no, the boba shop and all that comes with it is not just alive, it’s continually evolving, like dinosaurs into birds, and yes, Orange County itself.

12932 Newport Ave, Ste7
Tustin, CA 92780
(714) 884-3108

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