Thursday, December 04, 2014

Sam Woo Seafood & BBQ - Cerritos

What did you do last Saturday? Me, I got this $8.25 lunch special of a tofu and seafood hot pot at Sam Woo in Cerritos, which with tax and tip was essentially free after I paid for it with American Express. Yes, it was Small Business Saturday: an annual event that, to me, is way better than Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Charge $10; get credited back $10. Still, even it wasn't covered by the offer, what a deal!

I've always been amazed how Chinese restaurants, Sam Woo especially, charges so little for so much food. Not only was I served this massive, gurgling, steam-billowing pot of tofu and various sea critters simmered in a gingery gravy, I also got a container of rice enough for five people, a bowl of egg drop soup, all the hot tea I could drink, and two fortune cookies for dessert.

I only made a dent in the hot pot, a smaller one on the rice, and the rest of the leftovers fed me for one and a half more lunches. Which goes to show: if you want a bargain, you don't have to wait for some made-up sales day--just go to a Chinese restaurant and get their lunch special.

Sam Woo Seafood & BBQ
19008 Pioneer Blvd
Cerritos, CA 90703
(562) 865-7278

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