Monday, March 25, 2019

Molokai Burger - Molokai, Hawaii

Compared to the overwhelming variety of food options in Oahu, the choices you have when visiting Molokai are extremely limited. This, however, doesn’t mean there aren’t great places to eat.

One is Molokai Burger, found in the middle of Kaunakakai, the island’s main town.

They make a decent burger of the smashed variety, served in a dining room that looks suspiciously copied from In-N-Out.

But the real attraction is the fried chicken plate lunch, where you get two gigantic pieces of hen—one drumstick and a meaty breast—paired with a scoop of rice and mac salad, all for about $9.

The chicken skin is rendered perfectly to a crispy fleck; the meat is juicy and seasoned; and you’ll end up spending less here than at the other 12 eating establishments on the island.

Molokai Burger
20 Kamehameha V Hwy
Kaunakakai, HI 96748
(808) 553-3533

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