Sunday, March 24, 2019

Poke at Foodland - Oahu, Hawaii

I’ve been to the Hawaiian islands a total of 11 times now, and from those trips I’ve learned that when you want poke, you don’t buy it at a restaurant or the resort. You need to go to a supermarket. And if you can find a Foodland, all the better.

There’s a Foodland in virtually all the islands I’ve visited (at this point, I’ve been to each of the inhabited ones except Niihau), and without exception, each bowl of poke I’ve had there is not just exemplary, but also cheap.

$6.99 gets you a poke bowl brimming with pre-marinated cubes of ahi (not the build-your-own stuff you see on the mainland) in at least a half dozen different flavors. That price would be a good deal for mediocre poke, but it’s a complete steal when you consider how fresh and vibrant Foodland’s always is.

4850 Kapolei Pkwy
Kapolei, HI 96707

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